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A collective of leading global eyewear brands focused on long-term sustainable solutions.

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Driven by the desire to champion sustainability in eyewear, the launch of the Le Sustain collection marks Le Specs' ongoing commitment to creating meaningful, permanent change to traditional business practices across the entire brand.

Every detail and every material used for the Le Sustain collection is carefully considered and vetted.  All packaging is zero waste - the cardboard box, tag, and protective pouch are made from recycled materials; excess packaging and poly bags have been eliminated.

COLLECTION 01. 77% recycled plastic / 23% meadow grass

COLLECTION 02. 100% BPA free recyclable plastic

COLLECTION 03. 70% recycled acrylic / 30% stabilized PMMA


Premium handmade eyewear is made from cellulose acetate, known to be a biodegradable material due to the organic wood pulp origin. In 2021 Karen Walker Eyewear introduced premium Bio-Acetates which eliminate the use of chemical plasticisers (known as phthalates) in favour of organic substitutes. This material decision will both reduce chemical pollution and has been show to biodegrade within 180 days in commercial microbiome enriched composting facilities.

A packaging update in 2022 will introduce recycled PU and PET material to reduce Fashion's use of virgin petrochemical materials.



A leading global readers brand founded on the principles of recyclability, TBC Eyewear is in the process of transitioning from using recyclable BPA-free materials to post-consumer recycled materials and bio-plastics.

In 2021 TBC introduces a series of new cutting-edge sustainable materials such as

  • Rice Straw made from 35% agricultural waste known as rice straw and 65% post-consumer recycled plastic.

  • Re-crylic made from 70% recycled acrylic demo lenses.


Celebrating diversity, Aire sunglasses are designed in Sydney, Australia, with attention to face shape and size to help find the frame that best suits you.

The Summer 2021 Aire collection is produced using an innovative material made entirely from recycled polycarbonate, paving the way for all future collections to be produced using the same sustainable material.

All Aire sunglasses are supplied with an rPET cleaning cloth made 100% from recycled bottles.

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Indescratchables services the contemporary commuter lifestyle of a global urban populous, who transition to off-grid, off the clock, outdoor escapism. This technically advanced, sustainably focused and performance-driven brand is propelled by minimalist futurism and a non-binary aesthetic. 

Each capsule delivers a new material, design feature or talking point, including;

  • Renewable materials

  • Flexible memory metals

  • Hard coated lenses with hydrophobic finish

  • Vented airflow design

  • Extra grip co-injected rubber touch points

Designed to create zero textile waste the custom made case uses innovative, tear-resistant, recyclable, Tyvek by Du Pont material - used in everything from PPE to Fed-Ex bags to building membranes.


With over 80 years of commitment to innovative design, craftsmanship and Australian luxury, 2021 marks the future of Oroton's commitment to a sustainable future.

The Oroton Summer 2021 sunglass and optical collections introduce product handcrafted from 100% Mazzucchelli M-49 bio acetate material.  Engineered to achieve increased biodegradability, Mazzucchelli's M-49 material is an eco-friendly thermoplastic material featuring a new innovative formula, with a luxurious touch and feel. 

All Oroton eyewear is supplied with an rPET cleaning cloth made 100% from recycled bottles.

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A brand founded on protection from the unique Australian climate & conditions, Cancer Council eyewear gives customers assurance that they’re safe and covered, whatever the occasion.

In September 2021, Cancer Council will launch its debut Enviro eyewear collection, focused on sustainable materials.  The collection features a series of contemporary sunglasses produced using an innovative recycled PMMA acrylic material. 

All Cancer Council adults and children's sunglasses are packaged in a Rpet sunglass pouch made 100% from recycled bottles, and swing tags have begun transitioning to FSC Certified recycled card.  

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