Landfill Diversion

A recent audit conducted for the NSW Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that Sunshades is diverting 64% of total waste from landfill through recycling. We have introduced new bins, machinery and strategies to help us work together toward the state target of 74%.
Here's how...


Sunshades H/O

Optimise waste diversion by separating

  • Landfill

  • Mixed recycling

  • Paper & card

Cardboard processing

SSE Warehouse

Our shiny new cardboard shredder cuts down waste and generates packing fill for sending out orders!

  • Cardboard shredder

  • Cardboard crusher

Soft Plastics (clear)

Sunshades H/O

Polybags are a big issue in our industry! Help to recycle any and all clear soft plastics in our dedicated bins.

Soft Plastics (all)

REDcycle @Woolworths

This partnership allows the return of any soft plastic item. You will find a dedicated bins at the entry of any Woolworths store. 

return & earn

Various locations
including Sydney Park

At Sunshades we encourage you to take the cans and bottles deposited in our communal bins to a return point and keep the cash as an incentive. Thank you!

Quick Tips

what goes where?


Is this paper recyclable?

Try writing on it to test for a plastic coating. If there is a non-recyclable coating it will be difficult to write on, or smudge easily.


The scrunch test

Soft plastics will not hold their shape when scrunched into a ball.


Food containers

Some quick ones...

Take-away food plastic containers YES

Cereal & biscuit cartons YES

Plastic cutlery YES

Cereal & biscuit bags YES

Coffee cup plastic lids YES

Bread & wrap bags YES

Coffee cups NO

Paper towel & napkins NO

Paper & card take-away food containers NO