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Ethical Sourcing and Social Responsibility

Supplying our national and international customers sunglasses that are functional, high quality and compliant with relevant safety standards & applicable legislation.

Sunshades Eyewear Code of Conduct

These protocols have been established & implemented by Sunshades Eyewear to ensure that the workforce engaged in manufacture of consumer goods around the world are employed in accordance with humane, ethical and moral standards that avoid exploitation and / or abuse.


  • Sourcing of responsibly manufactured products

  • Cooperation with vendors to monitor social and environmental practices,

  • Provision of clear and comprehensive guidelines to product development & sourcing staff

  • Operation as a responsible corporate citizen


The Sunshades Eyewear Ethical Sourcing and Social Responsibility Code available upon request.

Ethical Factory Audits

Third party audits of our partner factories is a core part of our commitment to best practice, covering Labour Standards, Health & Safety, Environment and Business Ethics.

Industry recognised audit types include SMETA & BSCI formats, many of our factories maintain both. Tailored requests for other audit types such as additional QC and Ex-Factory checks can be arranged on a customer-specific basis, with verified third parties.


Carried out by globally recognised third party agencies such as Intertek, in accordance with the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit Report framework.

BSCI Audit Report

Carried out by globally recognised third party agencies such as Intertek, in accordance with the Amfori BSCI framework.

Product Testing & Standards

Australia / New Zealand and International ISO

Australia has some of the strictest global standards when it comes to eyewear. Regulated as a medical product, each pair must comply with specific labelling, impact resistance, lens alignment and numerous other features in order to be sold in Australia.

Independent Lab Testing

Optics & Radiometry Laboratory, UNSW

We test our eyewear to meet the mandatory and elective standards for eyewear sold in Australia & Globally.

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