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All Sunshades owned and licensed brands to use recycled, recyclable or renewable packaging by 2025:

FSC certified 100% recycled card and paper

100% recycled polybags using lighter weights and thicknesses

Remove all plastic coatings from tags and componentry to improve recoverability by 2025

Using fewer material types in packaging components allowing for easy recyclability

2028 target for all Sunshades products, including Distribution Brands, Indent and Private Label Brands, to use 100% recycled, recyclable or renewable packaging

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Review and redesign all product packaging to sustainable alternatives to reduce waste and promote recycling by 2025:

Recover and repurpose inbound packaging cardboard to use for all outbound packaging fill for B2B orders.

Update logistic pack ratios and streamline packaging to reduce weight & freight space

Standardised inner and outer cartons suited best to our product pack size and warehousing to be implemented across our business, made from 100% recycled cardboard

QR code on cartons for quick identification of materials for compliance reporting and communication

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Increase overall on-site office and warehouse recycling to 65% by 2023, with view to exceed this by 2025:

New recycling facilities to increase waste stream seperation for material recovery

Cardboard perforator to  be purchased and installed in warehouse to process boxes into recycled packing fill for orders, eliminating need for packing peanuts or bubble wrap

Trial sustainable pallet strap systems and reduction in use of black plastic wrap

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Assess all inbound and outbound freight packaging to optimise with the most viable sustainable option:

Update logistic pack ratios and streamline packaging to reduce weight & freight space 

Vendor Agreement to include the exclusive use of pre-approved sustainable packaging options from factory to warehouse. 

Suppliers of standardised packaging to hold valid  certifications for sustainably sourced and recycled materials 

Implement traceable process for new sustainable packaging to monitor compliance and facilitate reporting 

Reuse of pallets in exchange system with view to minimise waste

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Lead the eyewear and retail industries with sustainability education & advocacy initiatives:

Reviewing and educating factory partners about internal waste management practices  

Develop a Sunshades Sustainability Hub to communicate goals, train staff and encourage sustainability across consumers, retailers and brand partners

Publish targets to our websites and Sustainability Hub by Aug 2021

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Collate and share certifications from our supply chain to verify materials and increase transparency by 2025:

Policies, certifications and audit information to be made available on the Sustainability Hub for partners to access

Provide information on Modern Slavery Act and Sunshades Eyewear

Public facing supply chain information and policies available on Sunshades Eyewear website

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